When you use PayPal as a payment method it is quite obvious to have problems with your account or system. If you are also a PayPal user and face difficulties or problems during making or receiving a payment then you need to contact PayPal customer support service. They allow their users to contact them anytime as the company is available 24/7 with their experts. This post includes the PayPal customer service number as well as methods that you can use to contact PayPal. PayPal takes the queries of their clients very seriously. So, whenever you call them, always expect the solution to your problem ASAP.

    Which Kind of issues can PayPal customer support resolve?

    There could be many reasons to contact PayPal. The following are some of the issues which PayPal can resolve instantly:

    • The user might face problems in accessing their account username and password
    • For the issues related to payments such as declines, holds, and more.
    • Assistance for setting up a profile on PayPal
    • Facing issues during profile creation such as an issue with a bank account, credit card information, and more.
    • Users may face some account limitations such as payment disputes, charge-backs, and more.
    • For business-related issues such as PayPal solution, and orders.

    Apart from these the following are the queries users commonly ask:

    • How can I reset a Password when I forgot it?
    • How can one report any unauthorized activity?
    • My PayPal payments are getting declined, what to do?
    • Where to check about the status of dispute or claim?
    • How to cancel PayPal payment?
    • How to start or open a dispute with a seller when the purchase goes wrong?

      How to contact PayPal Customer support services?

      PayPal offers its users many different ways to contact PayPal customer service. You only need to figure out the right and suitable method and continue with the same. The following are the complete details on the methods to contact PayPal customer care services.


      Method #1: Contact PayPal via call

      You can call at the PayPal customer service to discuss your issues with an expert. In order to talk to a PayPal assistance dial 1-888-309-6210 on your mobile phone. By answering a few questions about the auto teller machine you will redirect to an assistant who will help you to resolve your query.


      Method #2: Contact via PayPal email support

      As PayPal does not offer chat support so the users who don’t want to talk on can need some different methods to contact the support team. So, PayPal offers the users to email them and share their queries. In order to mail PayPal navigate to Paypal >> My profile >> Contact Us >> Email. Also, you can search for the query that matches your problem to resolve the query.


      Method #3: PayPal Community

      However, due to any reason you fail to connect with the PayPal customer support then there is one more option left for you. You can join the PayPal community and share your problem with other PayPal users and hope someone in the community can resolve your problem. In meantime keep trying to contact PayPal.